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Why should I work here?


We grow by finding great people and equipping them to do great things. We focus less on the skills and educational background and more on the attitude that you bring. Here is an acronym to help you understand what we are looking for and how to keep up with the P.A.C.E of our organization.

P – Positivity – A positive attitude in the workplace is part of our culture. Positive outlooks improve teamwork, keeps morale high, and increases productivity and efficiency. With a high paced, high energy industry, a positive outlook on what we do and how we deal with our customers is of the utmost importance. 


A – Adaptability – Situations will change from minute to minute or day to day. Being able to adapt quickly from one thing to the next on a regular basis is essential.


C – Communication – We communicate internally and externally, with or team and with customers. Communication builds trust within our empathy.  Why is communication so important in the workplace? First, it avoids confusion. Second, it creates accountability. Third, it builds a positive culture.


E – Empathy – We have to have a high level of empathy for our customers because of the situations we are trying to solve for them. We exist to help people protect their people and property.  What is empathy? It’s being able to  understand the feelings and emotions of other people. Using empathy enables you to understand your coworkers and your customers better.

In short, We are looking for for positive, engaged and focused people who can adapt to different situations and communicate well. Does this sound like you?

Can you keep P.A.C.E. with our team? If you have these essential qualities, complete this survey and schedule an interview.


Positions range from Locksmith, Door and Electronic Security Technician, Customer Service Representatives, Account Management, Project Management, Marketing and Content Creators, Accounting, Human Resources, Coders and App Developers, Teachers and Trainers.

We ensure each team member is equipped to take on the challenges they may encounter everyday with regular training and development courses. We are intentional about our weekly training sessions so each team member can focus on improving and developing personally, receive education on the latest products, and be inspired to finish strong.

Accounts Receivable Specialist 

People don’t know it, but your gift for numbers, analytical processing and bringing projects to perfect resolve have always been unparalleled. Loc-Doc is looking for the right detailed task master to serve as an Accounts Receivable Specialist. 

Part statistician, part human calculator, your work is never officially done. The pursuit of perfection keeps you going. The Accounts Receivable Specialist we need to join our team is bound by a sense of duty. Their word is their bond. If your quest for accuracy and work ethic has often gone unnoticed, unappreciated or held you back it’s time to make a change. We’re growing, expanding markets and starting new ventures.

The Specialist will be critical in transforming the accounting department through process improvement, enhanced efficiency, and innovation. The ideal candidate will be meticulous in the daily tasks of the position, while also maintaining creativity and drive to improve and transform the Accounts Receivable position and the accounting department.

Duties of the Accounts Receivable Specialist:

  • Continuously improve and automate our systems.

  • Prepare invoices, account statements, reports, and other records, and review them for accuracy.

  • Manage Accounts Receivable to ensure timely payment of invoices.

  • Compile and sort documents, such as reports, substantiating business transactions, invoices, and checks.

  • Solve invoice and payment related issues for customers.

  • Maintain good relations with customers.

Qualifications of the Accounts Receivable Specialist:

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business, Finance, or a related field preferred.

  • Solid understanding of generally accepted accounting principles and how they are applied.

  • 1 year of relevant experience is required.

  • Excellent computer and organization skills are required, and Advanced Excel skills are preferred.

  • Superior attention to detail.

  • Strong analytical skills.

  • Ability and willingness to solve problems and update processes and procedures.

  • Willingness to share new ideas regarding processes and improvements.

What We Offer You:

  • Opportunity for growth within the company.

  • Opportunity to work in a competitive, highly organized, detail-oriented, and creative environment.

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