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Book Club

Helping our Customers Protect their People and their Property.


Culture, Leadership & Operations Training!


Create an open dialogue of learning and development for current and future leaders and create opportunity for personal development. 


This is a voluntary program to identify new leaders and a requirement for anyone interested in leadership positions.  (Participation does not guarantee leadership positions, but is a prerequisite for leadership positions.)


  • 2nd Thursday of each month at 5pm

  • Dinner provided

  • Discussion Guide on the Current Book

  • Discussion on Takeaways and Application in our Business

  • Rewards for regular attendance

  • Audible Credits and Paper Back Books available - Loc-Doc Security will provide these for you!


  • Leaders Eat Last

  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

  • Primal Leadership

  • Good to Great

  • The Thank You Economy

  • Upstream

  • Extreme Ownership

  • Dichotomy


Allow for individual initiation of ideas

Create the leader leader in action

Find future leaders

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